4. Life is unknown… only to us!


As The Lullaby Connection class ended, I recognized that I still had a LOT to learn from Karyn Grant-Turley. Her Joy Coaching America program (The Healer’s Touch Song and Scent Method) is a POWERFUL program to teach us and others to find JOY. We use all 5 senses, Christ centered music, doTERRA Essential Oils, Imagery, Touch and Taste. I fully believe that the only true peace and joy on this earth are eternal in nature; true lasting Joy comes only from our Heavenly Father. I reached out asking about more. When I found out the costs, I just thought there was no way. I talked with Steve and I prayed about it. Again, this tax return money was the only way I felt I would ever be able to get surgery and God HAD said yes…

I knew without a doubt that I needed to do Joy coaching and on this path for 9 months, I experienced huge changes.

  1. Something big shifted in my relationship with food (though weight didn’t change much)
  2. My ability to use tools other than food to self soothe
  3. I’m healing my layers on the inside and able to forgive and receive forgiveness from others.
  4. My desire to serve others and be capable of being God’s hands in this harsh world
  5. I changed the way that I see myself, I finally believe I have value
  6. I own my place as a daughter of God
  7. And that the Savior’s Atonement IS for me, personally.
  8. I learned that I AM VALUED by him and for my ability to listen to him.

I moved from a VERY depressed woman to a JOY COACH who is now helping others deal with pain, tragedy, hurt, despair, and depression.

His hand is in ALL things, HE sees the path that we cannot see through the dense forest. By trusting in HIS plan, I have been lifted up. I have had so many miracles unfolded in my life.

Did you know that we can ask God for a message, and sit with a pen and paper or even fingers on a laptop and wait to receive it? I knew this, but hadn’t used it for years. Thankfully this was all brought to my remembrance I received a message from Him that clarified for me WHY I have had weight issues since 7th grade. I understand it now. Healing can happen finally.



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