5. Life is HEAVY… He gives witnesses!

This year, doTERRA convention was MISERABLE for me. I was having major panic attacks just walking to and from the bathroom. I was in so much pain that tears fell down my cheeks freely, and often.  I had many offers to get me a wheelchair and I refuse because I feel like that is accepting defeat.45548896_2231318280471028_3312858805418590208_n

AND, in that moment of desperation and pain, I said, “Father, can I have surgery now?” The answer was finally YES, my daughter. Then I of course was like really? Are you sure??? I walked back into the meeting room and just walking that little distance my heart rate was 188. I leaned over to my dear friend and sister by choice and asked her what I could do?  Expecting a list of doTERRA oils to apply, instead I was told that it was time for Weight Loss Surgery. SO Much peace comes from 2 witnesses. We parted at the end of convention and I felt gratitude.

2 Corinthians 13:1 “…In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.”

My other dear friend and yes also a sister by choice, who convinced me to brave convention this year, and I began the drive home. I began to doubt the finances and she helped me find a way.  Then she asked, so when do you want to do this? I IMMEDIATELY said October 15th… (3 weeks away) and I then LAUGHED thinking there’s no way that we could pull that off this fast…

This photo was taken the last day of Convention when I was so grateful to be going home where I didn’t have to walk so much.

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