1. Life is Painful! He keeps us afloat!

water-wave-blue-261403.jpgI am working out hard, doing my best to get the heaviness and weight off of my body because I HURT all the time. I am miserable and I don’t like where I am at.
This 4th day of September in 2017 I was in the pool, working out, having fun feeling the beat as I moved my body without all the pain I feel on land. Then suddenly, I had chest pain, serious chest pain, shortness of breath, and the guard said I turned white as a ghost. I backed away from the class, floated and relaxed. While the brand new life guard was walking the side of the pool watching me and worried. She too remembers it well as it was her first week on the job and she was certain she was going to have to come in after me. I finally got out, but was cold so I got into the hot tub (luke warm tub) and warmed up a bit.

By the time I made it to the locker room and dressed again, it had been 2 hours since the episode and I thought I was probably ok. I did call my doctor’s office and they demanded to see me right away.  I grabbed a friend to drive and we went to see the doctor. Everything looked fine so I was “OK” right? Other than the referral to the cardiologist I was sent home with only more questions than answers.


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