2. Life is Terrifying! He Leads!

Muddy_path_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1774022While waiting on the cardiologist appointment, I had another episode. And being as both my husband and I TEACH CPR, this is truly terrifying when it is happening to you and you recognize all of the symptoms.

I went to the ER on Saturday the 9th of September and the doctor wanted to keep me because he was concerned, though all my tests were normal. I learned that Centralia Hospital is NOT the place to go for anything requiring a cardiologist because they do not have any on staff; (no pulmonology either) who whould have thought… no need for heart or lung doctors… they must not be that important huh…

Anyway, I refused to stay and left AMA because I was headed to doTERRA convention in Salt lake on Monday Morning and they said all tests were normal, verifying that I didn’t have a heart attack.

But THIS was the brick up the side of my head that God needed to hit me with to get me to wake up and begin being WAY more attentive to what I was puting into my body. My eating improved, I went back to journaling all my food, BUT the doctors both told me no pool till cardiologist cleared me… UUUUGGGGHHHHH that is the only place I could exercise without pain. So much felt hopeless. I asked God if I could get weight loss surgery and was researching it. I was told, yes… later. Not now… Patience… I figured I did need to find out what was up with my heart first so I said OK.

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