6. Life is under HIS control. Miracles Prevail

Remember how I was told that Yes I could have surgery but not yet… over and over… when I finally got a yes, it wasn’t a yes soon, it was fast!

SO many miracles went into play!

  1. In the car we promptly found a way to finance it removing the blocks that I felt were there to listening to the prompting.
  2. I had thought that I was going to do the surgery in Washington or at least in the US because I have a TON of medical allergies so I was very scared.  Yet each reach out to WA surgical centers was blocked immediately by calls dropping, emails bouncing, chat person not available etc… then everyone I talked to who had surgery in WA had had some type of complication.
  3. SO, then I was prompted to talk to some people whom I had no idea that they had had surgery, let alone in Mexico. NONE had any complications and all very positive experiences.
  4. I then asked Heavenly Father who my surgeon should be? Every person who recommended a surgeon or clinic I prayed about. I kept feeling like it wasn’t the right match. I got the feeling to go to YELP… of all crazy places to go looking for a surgeon in MEXICO… I went to yelp and typed in bariatric surgeon. Dr. Sergio Verboonen came up in the search with amazing references. So I dug in to my search of Dr. Verboonen. I found so many positive responses. I Facebook Messaged him directly with some questions and then found his clinic Obesity Goodbye and began chatting with Ricardo there. Dr. Verboonen got back to me in an hour and a half and apologized for taking so long to respond (he was with a patient.) I received amazing customer service.
  5. Next miracle was that I was looking at tests that most doctors prefer completed. While in Mexico they do the essential ones on site anyway before surgery, there’s still a check list when you have medical issues. So grateful that all were done and I knew I was totally cleared for surgery.
    1. Cardiac Stress Test – I’d had cardiac scares so this was required and completed 3 mo earlier.
    2. Sleep Study – done 4 months previously.
    3. Pulmonary Doc – visit 1 mo previous;
    4. Psych. Eval – done a month previously.
    5. Blood Pressure – levels had come back to normal
    6. Labs – a1c, thyroid etc…  all done within 2 months.
  6. In talking with Ricardo He asked when I wanted to do this…. I replied, “SOON!” He responded with “October 15th” is the first date.  I began to sob. Yet again I had that secont witness. God is a man of details. This solidified the process for me 100% giving me the confirmation that THIS IS THE RIGHT PATH.
  7. Someone had come by and bought a bunch of oils, and Steve had taught CPR and had people pay by card so when I needed to pay the deposit, it was there and able to come out of my bank account/paypal and not go onto credit card.
  8. We booked flights for $421 14 days before flights for 2 people from Seattle to Sand Diego… CRAZY rates on good airlines.
  9. The week before I realized I hadn’t done the shifting I needed to have credit card space to pay for my surgery and I had total peace and was told, “I got this.” So I stopped stressing and a couple of hours later, I got a call from the car insurance who offered the exact amount we needed. We signed and had the money to pay for surgery without going into ANY debt.
  10. My flight fear was abated by amazing flight attendants who gave Steve and I the back row to ourselves with plenty of space. My essential oils, my Joy Coaching Music and FAITH!

    trees in park

    Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

God managed EVERY detail of this process. His pathway was CLEAR and Peace Prevailed!


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