6. Life is under HIS control. Miracles Prevail

Remember how I was told that Yes I could have surgery but not yet… over and over… when I finally got a yes, it wasn’t a yes soon, it was fast!

SO many miracles went into play!

  1. In the car we promptly found a way to finance it removing the blocks that I felt were there to listening to the prompting.
  2. I had thought that I was going to do the surgery in Washington or at least in the US because I have a TON of medical allergies so I was very scared.  Yet each reach out to WA surgical centers was blocked immediately by calls dropping, emails bouncing, chat person not available etc… then everyone I talked to who had surgery in WA had had some type of complication.
  3. SO, then I was prompted to talk to some people whom I had no idea that they had had surgery, let alone in Mexico. NONE had any complications and all very positive experiences.
  4. I then asked Heavenly Father who my surgeon should be? Every person who recommended a surgeon or clinic I prayed about. I kept feeling like it wasn’t the right match. I got the feeling to go to YELP… of all crazy places to go looking for a surgeon in MEXICO… I went to yelp and typed in bariatric surgeon. Dr. Sergio Verboonen came up in the search with amazing references. So I dug in to my search of Dr. Verboonen. I found so many positive responses. I Facebook Messaged him directly with some questions and then found his clinic Obesity Goodbye and began chatting with Ricardo there. Dr. Verboonen got back to me in an hour and a half and apologized for taking so long to respond (he was with a patient.) I received amazing customer service.
  5. Next miracle was that I was looking at tests that most doctors prefer completed. While in Mexico they do the essential ones on site anyway before surgery, there’s still a check list when you have medical issues. So grateful that all were done and I knew I was totally cleared for surgery.
    1. Cardiac Stress Test – I’d had cardiac scares so this was required and completed 3 mo earlier.
    2. Sleep Study – done 4 months previously.
    3. Pulmonary Doc – visit 1 mo previous;
    4. Psych. Eval – done a month previously.
    5. Blood Pressure – levels had come back to normal
    6. Labs – a1c, thyroid etc…  all done within 2 months.
  6. In talking with Ricardo He asked when I wanted to do this…. I replied, “SOON!” He responded with “October 15th” is the first date.  I began to sob. Yet again I had that secont witness. God is a man of details. This solidified the process for me 100% giving me the confirmation that THIS IS THE RIGHT PATH.
  7. Someone had come by and bought a bunch of oils, and Steve had taught CPR and had people pay by card so when I needed to pay the deposit, it was there and able to come out of my bank account/paypal and not go onto credit card.
  8. We booked flights for $421 14 days before flights for 2 people from Seattle to Sand Diego… CRAZY rates on good airlines.
  9. The week before I realized I hadn’t done the shifting I needed to have credit card space to pay for my surgery and I had total peace and was told, “I got this.” So I stopped stressing and a couple of hours later, I got a call from the car insurance who offered the exact amount we needed. We signed and had the money to pay for surgery without going into ANY debt.
  10. My flight fear was abated by amazing flight attendants who gave Steve and I the back row to ourselves with plenty of space. My essential oils, my Joy Coaching Music and FAITH!

    trees in park

    Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

God managed EVERY detail of this process. His pathway was CLEAR and Peace Prevailed!


5. Life is HEAVY… He gives witnesses!

This year, doTERRA convention was MISERABLE for me. I was having major panic attacks just walking to and from the bathroom. I was in so much pain that tears fell down my cheeks freely, and often.  I had many offers to get me a wheelchair and I refuse because I feel like that is accepting defeat.45548896_2231318280471028_3312858805418590208_n

AND, in that moment of desperation and pain, I said, “Father, can I have surgery now?” The answer was finally YES, my daughter. Then I of course was like really? Are you sure??? I walked back into the meeting room and just walking that little distance my heart rate was 188. I leaned over to my dear friend and sister by choice and asked her what I could do?  Expecting a list of doTERRA oils to apply, instead I was told that it was time for Weight Loss Surgery. SO Much peace comes from 2 witnesses. We parted at the end of convention and I felt gratitude.

2 Corinthians 13:1 “…In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.”

My other dear friend and yes also a sister by choice, who convinced me to brave convention this year, and I began the drive home. I began to doubt the finances and she helped me find a way.  Then she asked, so when do you want to do this? I IMMEDIATELY said October 15th… (3 weeks away) and I then LAUGHED thinking there’s no way that we could pull that off this fast…

This photo was taken the last day of Convention when I was so grateful to be going home where I didn’t have to walk so much.

4. Life is unknown… only to us!


As The Lullaby Connection class ended, I recognized that I still had a LOT to learn from Karyn Grant-Turley. Her Joy Coaching America program (The Healer’s Touch Song and Scent Method) is a POWERFUL program to teach us and others to find JOY. We use all 5 senses, Christ centered music, doTERRA Essential Oils, Imagery, Touch and Taste. I fully believe that the only true peace and joy on this earth are eternal in nature; true lasting Joy comes only from our Heavenly Father. I reached out asking about more. When I found out the costs, I just thought there was no way. I talked with Steve and I prayed about it. Again, this tax return money was the only way I felt I would ever be able to get surgery and God HAD said yes…

I knew without a doubt that I needed to do Joy coaching and on this path for 9 months, I experienced huge changes.

  1. Something big shifted in my relationship with food (though weight didn’t change much)
  2. My ability to use tools other than food to self soothe
  3. I’m healing my layers on the inside and able to forgive and receive forgiveness from others.
  4. My desire to serve others and be capable of being God’s hands in this harsh world
  5. I changed the way that I see myself, I finally believe I have value
  6. I own my place as a daughter of God
  7. And that the Savior’s Atonement IS for me, personally.
  8. I learned that I AM VALUED by him and for my ability to listen to him.

I moved from a VERY depressed woman to a JOY COACH who is now helping others deal with pain, tragedy, hurt, despair, and depression.

His hand is in ALL things, HE sees the path that we cannot see through the dense forest. By trusting in HIS plan, I have been lifted up. I have had so many miracles unfolded in my life.

Did you know that we can ask God for a message, and sit with a pen and paper or even fingers on a laptop and wait to receive it? I knew this, but hadn’t used it for years. Thankfully this was all brought to my remembrance I received a message from Him that clarified for me WHY I have had weight issues since 7th grade. I understand it now. Healing can happen finally.



3. Life is Guided by His Hands…


Trying to be patient with doctors, insurance, labs, and tests was getting frustrating for me. Our tax return was coming back in a couple of weeks and I wanted to get my surgery. So I started to ask my Heavenly Father again, and I was told not yet. I was so frustrated because I had no answers from anyone medical and it was just hard.

I went back to the pool but had to keep “calm” and keep my heart rate under 125 bpm. That’s really hard for someone who is generally all or nothing. The guards were nervous every time I was there. They’d ask what my heart rate was any time I’d start to have fun with my workout. No matter what I did eating well, and minimal exercise was not helping my body. The weight kept climbing.

I struggled a lot and was in a major depressed state at that point. I had no patience and determined at that time that I could not hang out at the daycare, MY BUSINESS, because I was not able to be the kind loving Teacher Tina I needed to be.

I went to bed pleading with my Father in Heaven to help me know what I could do to become the person I know I am inside. I have always been one with unbelievable patience and kindness to others and I was just NOT.  [Tad of background – I have never dreamed in images, nor do I see images when I read a book.]  I woke in the night in the middle of a dream, startled that there were images. I saw a lady in the daycare sitting on a stool playing a guitar and singing to the children. I recognized her as Karyn Grant-Turley whom I had met fleeting at events a year or two previously. She was singing lullabys to the children, their parents were just coming in and sitting down as well. There was no chaos, no hurry to leave. It felt peaceful and I felt love for each of those children. I heard over and over… “Who will lullaby the children?”

In the morning, I sought out Karyn Grant-Turley on Facebook and messaged her a tiny bit about my dream. She asked to call me and we talked for a couple of hours. We both were able to be answers to each other’s prayers. She knew she needed to teach the Lullaby Connection, and I knew I needed to be part of that class. I was honestly hesitant because that money (tax return) I needed for my surgery. Heavenly Father knew that I needed to connect with the little Tina inside and smile again.

1. Life is Painful! He keeps us afloat!

water-wave-blue-261403.jpgI am working out hard, doing my best to get the heaviness and weight off of my body because I HURT all the time. I am miserable and I don’t like where I am at.
This 4th day of September in 2017 I was in the pool, working out, having fun feeling the beat as I moved my body without all the pain I feel on land. Then suddenly, I had chest pain, serious chest pain, shortness of breath, and the guard said I turned white as a ghost. I backed away from the class, floated and relaxed. While the brand new life guard was walking the side of the pool watching me and worried. She too remembers it well as it was her first week on the job and she was certain she was going to have to come in after me. I finally got out, but was cold so I got into the hot tub (luke warm tub) and warmed up a bit.

By the time I made it to the locker room and dressed again, it had been 2 hours since the episode and I thought I was probably ok. I did call my doctor’s office and they demanded to see me right away.  I grabbed a friend to drive and we went to see the doctor. Everything looked fine so I was “OK” right? Other than the referral to the cardiologist I was sent home with only more questions than answers.


2. Life is Terrifying! He Leads!

Muddy_path_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1774022While waiting on the cardiologist appointment, I had another episode. And being as both my husband and I TEACH CPR, this is truly terrifying when it is happening to you and you recognize all of the symptoms.

I went to the ER on Saturday the 9th of September and the doctor wanted to keep me because he was concerned, though all my tests were normal. I learned that Centralia Hospital is NOT the place to go for anything requiring a cardiologist because they do not have any on staff; (no pulmonology either) who whould have thought… no need for heart or lung doctors… they must not be that important huh…

Anyway, I refused to stay and left AMA because I was headed to doTERRA convention in Salt lake on Monday Morning and they said all tests were normal, verifying that I didn’t have a heart attack.

But THIS was the brick up the side of my head that God needed to hit me with to get me to wake up and begin being WAY more attentive to what I was puting into my body. My eating improved, I went back to journaling all my food, BUT the doctors both told me no pool till cardiologist cleared me… UUUUGGGGHHHHH that is the only place I could exercise without pain. So much felt hopeless. I asked God if I could get weight loss surgery and was researching it. I was told, yes… later. Not now… Patience… I figured I did need to find out what was up with my heart first so I said OK.